Agacharya's muse happens to be women. More precisely village women caught in their daily routine. It is not that we don't know this slice of rural life, but Agacharya adds his perspective of elemental simplicity to capture the mood. See the series of paintings and you know the ebb and flow of rural life, only later you realise where have the men gone. In the acrylics on canvas, the artist uses simple elegant lines without any ostentation or design.

“I have consciously avoided complex designs. Even the lines of sari borders and blouses are simple. I know village life and about the people as I hail from Karimnagar,” says the artist who has done illustrations for Telugu magazines besides pursuing his art. Agacharya keeps the jewellery and embellishments simple instead of using them as an opportunity for showing his touch at executing intricate designs. But a sense of déjà vu pervades the art of Agacharya as he follows the footsteps of other artists from Telangana region with his sense of colour and facial profiling.

The women with full lips and a singular expression that is a puzzle between a smile and a thoughtful moment are the one constant throughout the series that the artist has been painting over the past two years. In one frame called ‘Bangle Seller' the artist captures a slice of village life where the colour of bangles shows a more innocent and untroubled times. A small girl peeps and you catch a smile on her face. And life goes on in the village created by Agacharya.

Keywords: art exhibition