Event Shutter Season’s photography workshop in Coimbatore marks their entry into Tamil Nadu

They waited for four years to catch the Kashmir fly catcher, a winter migrant that visits The Nilgiris. A colourful bird with a grey-ish back and an orange-ish throat, it is just one of the many rare birds captured by wildlife photographers R. Prakash and H.B. Varun. They have clicked the shaheen falcon too, the fastest flying bird while diving (it dives at a speed of 350 km per hour). “If it happens to hit a pigeon while diving, the pigeon may die of the impact,” says Varun, who specialises in bird photography.

His 500 mm F4 telephoto lens blurs the background completely, and highlights the falcon in all its glory. A crested tree swift perched on a tree looks ornamental. “It has many colours and, when in flight, resembles a butterfly. To get a better view, I climbed the tree opposite to it and clicked the picture. It was thrilling,” he says.

R. Prakash, a specialist in photographing the big cats, recently clicked a pair of Nilgiri marten, a rarely-photographed carnivore, with his 2.8 mm zoom lens. “The Nilgiri marten has a dark brown body and an orange-ish yellow underpart, is elusive and found in the higher reaches (above 900 mt) of the Western Ghats. I got an opportunity to click them while trekking at Mukurthi. Some of the best shots come at an unprepared moment and you should be alert,” he says. These photographers will share their experiences with aspiring wildlife photographers, teach the ethics of wildlife photography, and spread the word on conservation, at a workshop by Shutter Season. The workshop marks the launch of the Tamil Nadu chapter of Bangalore-based Shutter Season, formed by wildlife photographers Sanket Reddy, H.B.Varun, Manohar Reddy and Ramesh Anatharaman. They organise Nature and wildlife photo tours. Varun, Prakash and Sivalingam, a bird watcher from Kotagiri, form the Tamil Nadu team. They plan to organise customised tours around The Nilgiris and Anaimalai Hills and take it to corporates, the IT sector and educational institutions in Coimbatore.

Bird photography is considered one of the toughest genres, says Varun, who specialises in it. “Clicking birds is not easy. The bird has to be at the eye level. You have to be patient and have a love for your subjects. I spent many hours to catch the black and orange fly catcher (endemic to the Western Ghats), the way it sits, turns and looks, in its natural habitat, .” Some of his other photographs include a pair of blue-tailed bee eaters (a male feeding a female), hill myna (smallest in size among the mynas with a bluish tinge and a piercing call) and a black shouldered kite.

While shooting wildlife or Nature, any photographer should remember that he is responsible for the subject, these experts add. The workshop is on July 15 at Heritage Inn. Shutter Season offers cameras and lenses on rental basis. A workshop on basic post-procession workshop that helps you enhance the images you shoot is underway. Call: 94896-77327, 94438-17907 or e-mail info@shutterseason.com