Reshma Kumar's exhibit features diverse subjects and styles

Mythical figures, pastoral Rajasthan, birds, flowers and even Hyderabad's very own Charminar greet you when you enter the gallery.

Reshma Kumar's exhibit titled Mystical Expressions… is an eclectic collection. Though the technique and style might not be everybody's cup of tea, the colours are rich and vibrant. Three Rajasthani women stare out at you from one canvas, their faces animated. According to Reshma her collection has been inspired by the energetic life in Rajasthan.

Other inspirations have been people who have mesmerised her and she has paid homage to them through portraits. One such art work is that of a woman clad in a luxurious purple sari playing the tanpura, the woman in the painting bears a striking resemblance to M.S Subbulakshmi.

Some paintings feature birds and flowers. Mythical figures such as Krishna and Ganesha also play a part in the collection. Many of the paintings are reminiscent of popular tanjore paintings and photographs. But the artist has added her own twist to it.

Trained under artists like Pranab Chakraboty and Paramjit Singh, Reshma says that her current series are footprints that transcend her from the real world to the mystical world. She concludes that the footprints are meant to take the viewer on a journey where one can explore, experience and exult with an inner joy. The exhibition is on till February 25 at Gallery Space, MLA colony, Road No.12, Banjara Hills.