An eager audience was in thrall as Chris Pfeiffer performed jaw-dropping stunts on his BMW bike

Chris Pfeiffer's stunts are so unlikely you're not sure if you are seeing right. But, how can you not rub your eyes in disbelief when a biker does wheelies sitting on the fuel tank or standing on the saddle; rides sitting on the handlebar; swings both legs to one side and then the other without once slackening the pressure on the throttle; does concentric circles with an arm resting on the road; or rides facing backwards?

Hard to explain

Anyone trying to describe what Pfeiffer can do with his F800R (BMW's Chris Pfeiffer edition), will instantly sense the inadequacy of language. Words simply don't do justice to the German's incredible talent — the reason why a massive crowd assembled last weekend at the Besant Nagar beach to catch his stunts live.

A wrap-up event of Pfeiffer's all-India stunt biking tour organised by energy drink Red Bull, it promised much. “As this is the last event, he'll attempt something big,” remarked an obviously bike-crazy youngster to his friend.

As the surge of people strained against the metal barricades, the expectations were palpable. And then, it started — not the monstrous roar of Pfeiffer's BMW, but a feeble sound from a pocket bike.

As small as his bike, six-year-old Karoon Murthy prepared to open the event with his stunts. But, with the pressure of having to perform before the mammoth crowd getting too much to handle, the boy had a spill. As the bike would not start again, Karoon left the track to Pfeiffer (the boy returned later to prove that the first outing was uncharacteristic of him).

In no time, Pfeiffer had the spectators under a spell. Overwhelmed by his performance, the crowd was often transfixed and failed to clap in appreciation. At such times, the four-time world stunt biking champion urged them to do so. After a blur of wheelies, stoppies, circles and acrobatics, performed in succession like a fast-paced dance, Pfeiffer left the track.

Confusion prevailed as he did not return after the break. The police had pulled the plug, as the event had crossed the allotted time. While the fate of the event hung in the balance, the emcee goaded the crowd to make a demand — “We want Pfeiffer!” The police relented, and we got to see two more rounds of breath-taking stunt biking.

Acrobatics unlimited

Riding a motorcross bike, Pfeiffer went flying over a row of men lying with their backs to the ground; he performed wheelies and acrobatics on his BMW, while accommodating a passenger on the fuel tank.

The effect of Pfeiffer's stunts on the crowd showed in the way the barricades buckled. All the security men's pushing and heaving did not get the eager crowd to move back.

But when Pfeiffer gently gestured to them to pull back, they instantaneously complied. And, why not — they were under his spell!

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