Want to learn to bake a cake? Strum a guitar? Wear a neck-tie? There's this new-age teacher you can turn to for almost anything — YouTube. The details…

The world has fallen silent; the amplifiers are wired in, and the guitar awaits the first strum. He takes his position on the hall couch, and the first strains of music fill the night air. Where had he learnt to play the guitar, the neighbours wonder, when they listen to him. His mother never mentioned guitar classes...

Rewind. Stop. Play. Anubhav Sridhar was never a big fan of guitar classes, but was intent on learning to play it. After a bit of asking around, he found himself a virtual teacher — one who could teach him wheneverhe wanted; one who paused; one who couldn't pull him up if he gave lessons a miss; one who taught for free; and more than anything else, one who saved him the time of travelling.

This new-age teacher teaches everything one may want to learn; well, almost! And, would be called YouTube.

Today, Anubhav, an alternate rock fan, can comfortably enthral a small audience with his guitar. He owns an acoustic guitar as well as an electric, both of which he plays every night.

There are many like him, who turn to YouTube for help. For instance, Siddharth Ramesh, who was in a crisis — he couldn't figure out how to wear that smart tie around his neck, for his school farewell. And, many YouTube videos later, he did it!

Cooking classes

Cookery videos and channels on YouTube have fed many a bachelor too, living away in a country where Indian food is exotic and over-priced. Again, not just bachelors, everyone from beginners to an expert mature chef stands to gain. Aarthi Shantosh learnt to bake her first cake from a cookery channel on YouTube, and since then, her desserts have been a hot favourite at home. “I can bake almost anything today, and thanks to YouTube, I'm planning to open my own little bakery soon,” she beams.

Magic is generally seen as complicated, and that's why they so fascinate us. But, Tarun Madanagopal was so intrigued by a trick he watched on television that he felt compelled to get to the bottom of it. Enters YouTube. Today, he can entertain a crowd of family and friends with at least 40 card tricks and 30 coin tricks. He recently found out from YouTube that his tricks can be a lot better if performed with a special pack of cards available in the U.S. Guess who just heard from Tarun!

So, if you have to attend a high-profile luncheon with that business delegation from abroad, and are worried you'll be caught taking a bite off the wrong piece of cutlery, just type ‘table etiquette' on YouTube!