Magician SAC Vasanth’s sleight of hand, besides leaving his audience gasping with wonder, has also won international recognition

Magician Vasanth was recently honoured with an international honour — the Award for Excellence in the Art of Illusions. “I consider it as a matter of pride as I received it along with several personalities who won it for excellence in their respective fields. One of the awardees was chess champion and Grandmaster Gary Kasparov,” he recalls.

The Global Leadership Awards was hosted at The Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Malaysia. It is recognised by the Malaysian Government. He also performed an eight-minute magic act on the stage before taking home the award.

“Except in Australia, Africa and the U.S., we have performed shows across the globe. We have a long association with Kuala Lampur, Singapore, Malaysia and the West Asian countries. One of the jury members has seen us perform many times and that’s how the recognition came to us. It motivates us to perform better,” he says.

Vasanth also mentions some memorable moments which he spent with the grandmaster over a game of chess. Kasparov challenged him to make the King fall. “I simply placed the King on the chess board and with magic I made him fall,” he laughs.

The magician regrets that magic has been reduced to a mere birthday entertainment show.

“My community of magicians are to be blamed. It has more to it than plucking pigeons and balloons out of a box. You have a street full of magicians coming up with amateur tricks which is not a healthy trend; it’s also worrying that the Internet is flooded with YouTube videos that demystify tricks. Magic is an art and the charm lies in that secretive element, that surprise aha moment. That’s when it appeals to anyone from eight to 80.”

Broadway shows

He says India needs Broadway magic shows such as the ones that happen in Las Vegas, Singapore, Malaysia and KL to give that extra push to the magicians. “In some countries the government gives subsidies to magicians. In Las Vegas, you have big time producers who support them. We also need an organised platform to support this form of entertainment.”

Vasanth explores multiple genres from manipulative act and escapism, to conjuring and vanishing acts. He has held audience spellbound as he has performed on TV, corporate events, and Broadway-type ticketed shows. “It’s about playing with the subconscious of the audience and making them believe. I make it a point to interact with audience and make them participate in the magic,” he says.

Though Vasanth had a doctorate in commerce and has trained in music, it didn’t stop him from becoming a magician. “I followed my instincts though no one encouraged me. As a kid, I experimented with my friends. I used these tricks later in my shows,” he says.

Vasanth draws inspiration from magicians such as Paul Daniels and David Copperfield. He says even Indian magicians have great potential. “They have to innovate and explore tricks that set them apart from the crowd. Magic can never die. Though people are aware that it’s an act of illusion, they don’t mind being fooled! The magician creates that magic moment for them.”

Vasanth who currently divides his time between Coimbatore, Chennai and Bombay, is working on the content for a new TV show. He also wants to conduct shows through his Gunam trust to create social awareness.

And, when he’s not working, he simply wants to take off to Las Vegas and immerse himself at the magic shows there.

Vasanth's Popular TV shows

Maya May on DD ran for over 150 episodes

Logic Illa Magic on Kalaignar TV completed more than 100 episodes

The popularity of Comedy Circus ka Jadoo on Sony also got him the award of Prince of Indian Magic by Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo in 2011

He was titled Master Magician by India’s Magic Star, a reality show on Star One Television in 2010

Vasanth has done eight TV shows so far and most shows crossed over 50 episodes