A collection of Tussar saris in Cazarina flaunts the rich tradition of Indian textiles

Tussar Trove, a new collection of Tussar saris at Czarina, is an invitation to splurge on the yards of silk that is up for grabs. Embellished with embroidery, block prints, mirror work, chickan work, bead work and motifs, traditional and modern, the collection revels in the diversity of weaves and material that India has.

Wide variety

From sultry reds, emerald greens and deep azures to pale baby pinks and elegant creams, there is a wide variety of saris to choose from. Most of the saris come with designer blouse pieces saving you the trouble of searching for that exact shade of ‘mera wala pink' for your blouse. Some of the saris, though a tad on the expensive side, has an exquisite mix of Tussar and jute silk in pleasing shades. Prices range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs.8,000. Tussar silks also known as Kose silk, is believed to have originated in Madhya Pradesh. “The silk used to create Tussar saris is exquisite as the cocoons are grown only special trees such as Arjun, Saja and Sal. This gives the sari its smooth texture and weave,” says Sheila James, who runs the sari boutique.

She adds that the weaving is done in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand while the printing is done in other states.

A treasure trove indeed! The sale is on till November 5.


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