Luxury yachts, part of SeaDream Yacht Club’s voyages, will make a stopover at Kochi

Kochi, from this October, will become a port of call for regular yachting voyages. SeaDream Yacht Club, a family-owned boutique yacht company will run two of its customised voyages on its mega yachts through the city, stopping over, allowing the passengers some time to browse through this historic port city.

Sudesh Kishore, President, SeaDream Yacht Club, India / Corporate Chef, SeaDream Yacht Club in an e-mail interview speaks about the voyages, the Kochi stopover and the yachting experience.

Excerpts from the interview

When do the cruises that pass through Kochi sail off and what are the routes available now?

SeaDream Yacht Club has just introduced its luxury yachting voyages in India. Our target markets in the first year will be Tier 1 and 2 cities from North and West regions. We believe that people from everywhere in the country are potential SeaDreamers as long as they believe in experiencing the best in the world.

Our voyages are all about personalised experience and not just another vacation. We have cruises that take sail along the mighty Mediterranean or the Asian waters. There are so many exciting ports, from Algarve to the Aegean, Nice to North Africa that will open up. Along with this we have the timeless attractions of Venice, villages of the Amalfi coast and the walled city of Dubrovnik.

We have around 18 packages. The voyage from Mumbai to Singapore and back, which will stop at Kochi, is one that will give Indian voyagers a chance to discover the pleasures and excitement of yachting. For the first time we will be sailing out to Asia and Costa Rica. The Mumbai-Singapore cruise is slated for October 27. It takes 13 days. And the one from Singapore to Mumbai sails on April 11, 2014, and reaches its destination on April 24.

During a stopover how many days do the passengers stay in the city?

SeaDream Yachts halts at a port for a few hours only. The ship arrives pre-noon and departs from the port around 5:00 p.m. the same day. Guests aboard SeaDream have the option of experiencing on-shore/city excursions that are pre-booked and tailor-made by the guests, in advance. Or they can relax onboard and enjoy the facilities on the ship, such as spa treatments, the marina sports activities, read a book at the library or spend some quiet time on top of the deck.

What are the highpoints of your cruise package?

Our packages are customised in such a way that there is something for everyone. While most of the voyages take five to 20 days, we offer opportunities to combine them with other voyages for a lengthier holiday. We offer a culinary experience on board our yachts. We have what we call a ‘Confluence Cuisine,’ which is a blend of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, South Asian and American food.

Only a maximum of 112 guests sail on our yachts. They are cared for by a 95-member crew. It is a luxurious experience as our rooms come with state-of-the-art facilities, personalised services, ocean view accommodations and a luxury spa. And, I think, the best part of our voyages is that we can anchor at small, beautiful, historical ports where larger ships cannot.

In Kochi where will you anchor, the Marina or the Cochin Port?

It’s too early to share light on the local agents, in Kochi who will be supporting SeaDream with on-ground arrangements. I think, closer to the ship arrival date, we will be able to give you the requisite details.

For now interested voyagers can call 1800-10-33-678, or check with your travel professional or book online by logging on to