From wine tours in Santiago to bungee jumping in Queensland, city couples are opting for quirky honeymoon options

Remember the Chairman of the board singing, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?” An extension would be after love and marriage comes the question of the honeymoon. And couples are spoilt for choice on destinations.

“Bali is the place to head to for more than just spa treatments. The beautiful sunsets are as alluring as the local culture. If I could do a second honeymoon, I’d definitely want to head back to Bali,” says Rashee Majumdar, a newlywed architect who has recently moved to Bangalore.

With the rest of the US freezing, city-based entrepreneur couple, Manisha Jaspal and her husband Aroon, decided to fly to California for their honeymoon. “It’s such a romantic place to be at especially if you love the coolness of the beach. From trekking down regal cliffs to visiting national parks and taking umpteen pictures amid the lofty Redwood trees, we had a ball over the 10 days we spent there,” she recounts.

“Being foodies and wine fanatics , Chile was at the top of our bucket list,” says Ryan Sebastian, a sommelier by passion. “Bangalore’s F&B industry has spoilt us rotten. Since we wanted a far better experience than what one enjoys here, we headed to the Colchagua Valley, not far from Santiago. And this is heaven for couples who don’t want to be surrounded by too many people. Apart from all the wine tasting, we were high on horse riding! Also, historically, it’s a very interesting place to visit.”

Adventure lovers who have a bigger honeymoon budget are making plans to visit Queenstown in New Zealand. From paragliding to jet boating and bungee jumping, the place is also a winner at this time of the year for couples who would like some sun! Egypt, Morocco and Vietnam will always be an option for culture vultures. Florence and Hawaii continue to be popular honeymoon destinations in 2014 too.

“Closer home, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bhutan are gaining popularity. For couples who want to visit foreign shores and not burn a hole in their pockets, these countries seem to be a wise option,” says Anila Ratnam, a city-based tourist guide.

India is replete with numerous scenic spots. While Goa, Kovalam, Allepey, Kodaikanal, Pondicherry, Munnar, Ooty, Kulu Manali and Mussoorie, have been done to death (although these places still have its aficionados), today’s couples are planning their honeymoon to places like Coorg, Shillong, Updaipur, Gokarna, Lonavala and the like. The slightly more adventurous who wish to snorkel and scuba dive have the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well as Lakshadweep at the top of their list!

“We’ve even had couples travelling to Nasik for a honeymoon which included wine tours in their package and staying on an expensive resort. And since most couples book their honeymoon well in advance, travel companies are more than willing to offer a discount,” informs Tanisha Roberts, a public relations officer for a travel and tourism company in Bangalore.

With couples usually planning their honeymoon six months to one year in advance and of course with packages that can be customised according to one’s taste and preference. It looks like the trend is to bring home not just a suitcase full of souvenirs but also romantic memories!