Romania offers great views, wines and adventure

A country well known for wines and vampires, Romania is an incredible fusion of modernity and history. Romania has a bit of everything — hills, plains, wildlife, wines, the Danube Delta and the sea.

Tourism in Romania is an adventurous experience and of great quality, probably due to privatisation of tourism in Romania after it joined the European Union.

Cultural tourism has a great influence in Romania. There are small hotels and villas that do everything according to tradition.

“Around the big events and festivals, everything is done like in a household. The folklore is unique. You feel like family,” says Valerica Epure, Ambassador of Romania to India.

Visit Sibiu, one of Romania's most culturally-lively cities. Or, take a tour of villages and meet people who introduce visitors to the art of making wine, a culture that dates back to the Roman Empire. The country is also famous for its castles.

In Transylvania, there are many costume parties for teenagers and adults.

The Danube adventure

The Danube is the longest river in the EU and Europe's second longest river after the Volga. A large part of the river is in Romania.

There are adventurous cruises covering many areas in the Danube delta. The activities here include hunting, fishing and watching birds.

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