Strengthen your core muscles with these moves


Lie on the floor with your body straight.

Slowly lift your body off the floor and onto your toes and elbows, as shown in the picture.

Forearms should be flat on the floor and at 90 degrees to the upper arms.

Pull in your abs, and keep them tight. Back should be flat

As you exhale, try to pull your abs in as if you trying to touch them to your lower back.

It is not the number of repetitions you do but the duration in seconds that counts while doing plank.


Unnaturally straining of the lower back, neck and shoulders.

Muscles targeted

Trains the rectus abdominals, obliques, lower back and smaller core muscles.

Who benefits

Plank is not an ab exercise in the strict sense; it strengthens the core muscles.

However, it does help tighten the abdominals.

Protects a trainee from frequently sustaining lower back injuries.