Catch a magic performance by Aristobulle on October 12

It will be fun and laughter all the way at a show hosted by Aristobulle, courtesy Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum. The show, titled Illusion on Black Top fuses magic and comedy. Conducted by Françoise and Renaud de Swetschin, members of Aristobulle, the performance will be staged at Co-Bank Towers on October 12, 6.30 p.m. Excerpts from an email interview with the duo.

About Aristobulle

Not only do we work together, we are a couple on stage and in real life. Both of us come from the south of France. Both of us were thinking about a change in career when we met through a group of friends. Renaud is passionate about magic; he has learnt the art from the age of 12. We soon realised we wanted to work together. We created a show for the young public and wanted to stage it. Thus Aristobulle was formed in 1985.

The Aristobulle shows

Most of our magic shows integrate comedy. We always construct our creations around a story, which is visually entertaining. Also we stage our performances close to the public – on stage or at the corner of the street. If we had to term our genre, it would be ‘Magic-Theatre’. We also perform street theatre.

Travelling act

We travel a lot with our shows. We have been to Singapore, Canada, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, and to places in and around Europe. Our shows are translated into three languages: English, Italian and Spanish. Our show is popular across the globe as it is a show for everyone and anyone. The audience in India seems to enjoy our performances as they laugh along with us. We have performed in Delhi, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata so far.

Illusions on Black Top

It is a family entertainer. It is a visually rich performance. It shows an ordinary couple transforming their mundane lives with a touch of magic; life turns zany and funny as a result. We involve the audience in this performance and the theme behind this show is – love. The audience can expect a moment of levity and laughter.

Kerala sojourn

We came as tourists to Kerala 10 years ago when we visited places like Varkala and Kochi. We look forward to performing in Thiruvananthapuram; we hope to dazzle the citizens with our touch of magic.