FIFA World Cup 2014 has everyone glued to the television sets. Its nail-biting matches have football lovers in a tizzy. T-town celebs are no exception; they are rooting for their favourite teams while juggling schedules to catch the irresistible late night sporting action.

Nikhil Siddhartha

My interest in football began around five years back when my friends introduced me to the English Premier League. It’s a world game and very physically challenging. Ever since, I’ve closely followed league matches like EPL and La Liga. The FIFA world cup will be interesting since players who play for different clubs will get together to play for a country. For instance, you see Guerrero and Messi playing for different clubs but they will now team up to play for their home country. I’m looking forward to watching the matches and have recently wrapped up my shoots and am relatively free for the first two weeks of the football season. So I watched the first match between Brazil and Croatia. While I don’t support a particular country, I’m rooting for Diego Costa who plays for Spain, and Neymar from Brazil. In fact, I have this whole fantasy league game that I play online with both Diego and Neymar in my team.

Rahul Ravindran

I am a sports freak and watch everything. I also tend to play a lot of sports and used to play football and tennis quite regularly. One thing that makes football so interesting is the fact that it is non-stop action for 90 minutes. The adrenaline rush is very high. Also as a sport I think it has been nurtured very well. Being the most played sport in the world it attracts a lot of talent. Also although it is played frequently it never gets boring because each match point counts unlike in cricket. Since in the FIFA world cup, people who play club football get together to play for their country — which is rare — it generates a lot of excitement. Fortunately, I’ve finished all my shooting schedules and dubbing commitments so I can watch all the matches during the first half of the season. At home in Chennai, I have a huge gang of friends who come over and we watch the matches together. That is something I’m looking forward to. While I don’t have a favourite country, I like the Belgium squad. They are a very young and talented team. For a nail-biting finale I’d like to watch Brazil and Argentina go head to head in the finals.


I love watching cricket, but I got introduced to football by friends who are hooked onto it. So I catch football matches with my friends. I think it is a fun game and packs in a lot of energy. So there are a lot of times when I’m watching a football match with friends and I don’t understand everything that is going on. I keep badgering my friends with questions about the game, and I think they hate this interruption. But it is fun nevertheless.