A five-storey-high mural now adorns the Airtel Centre campus in Gurgaon

If you thought creativity is place discerning and you would find a magnificent piece of art only in an art exhibition, think again; for a walk through the Airtel Centre, Gurgaon, will clear all such notions. A five-storey-high mural on the sprawling Airtel campus is a superlative artwork. What makes it unique is not only the massive size but the fact that it has been painted by around 3,500 Airtel employees, under the supervision of acclaimed artist Manav Gupta.

When Airtel recently brought together all its business verticals under one roof, the HR team came forth with this idea of nurturing collective employee engagement. “The creation of this mega mural is a symbol of the collaborative spirit and innovative minds of our employees. The art work is symbolic of the Airtel brand, which is multi-dimensional and innovative. It captures the core values of our company and manages to highlight the “One Airtel” spirit,” says Krish Shankar, Director of HR.

Employees and senior management were equally enthusiastic about this initiative. Even Sunil Mittal, Chairman and MD of Bharti Group, contributed by giving a final stroke to the mural. For some it was a first-time experience with the paintbrush and colour, while for some it was a trip down memory lane. “Coming out of our mundane lifestyle and imprinting the wall was not only refreshing but also strengthened our bond with our workplace,” beams Upasana Bhurani, an employee.

Artist Manav Gupta, renowned for his earlier works of ‘jugalbandi' or collaborative art, was commissioned by Airtel for this project. According to Gupta, “It was a challenging yet soul-nourishing experience. Painting with 3,500 people for three months and moulding it all into one structure was a complex task.”