12y12, an exhibition showcasing the works of 12 promising artists, opens today

Twelve up-and-coming artists got a break to showcase their works, thanks to the initiative of artist Sajita Shankar who has curated an exhibition that will be inaugurated today at Gallery The Creant, a new art space at Sasthamangalam.

Anoop T., Anu Rency A. Francis, Hochimin P.H., Jagesh Edakkad, Minesh Kumar, Nimmy Melvin, Prakasan K.S., Rakesh Puliyarakonam, Sajeesh P.A., Satheesh K.K., Shanto Antony, and Yamini P.M. are the talented dozen who are exhibiting their works at the gallery. Titled 12y12, the collection showcases different themes and styles in a variety of media.

Realistic and abstract

T. Mineshkumar, who is participating in an exhibition for the very first time, is one of the finds of the show. His deep etchings on aluminium portray both realistic and abstract works. Series of atomized activities is an abstract piece that attempts to freeze the hectic pace of life on an aluminium canvas. Ernad Express 4 a.m., a faithful reproduction of a railway compartment, astonishes you with its attention to detail. So is another untitled work that mimics Warli artists whose works usually reflect their lives in rich detail. This one depicts an urban landscape with a wealth of visual elements.

Satheesh K.K.'s superb works in watercolour and acrylics are disturbing self-portraits of the artist that seem to be expressing his angst and agony over the degradation of the environment and its flora and fauna. For instance, The State of Being Duel 2 shows his eye being pierced by a bird!

Jagesh Edakkad's acrylics – Budding Cosmos 1 and 2 –in rich hues hint at the disparities in society and how the much-touted development indices have left untouched the lives of the marginalised.

Rakesh Puliyarakonam's works in mixed media also touch upon the rampant arms race that refuses to address the real concerns of humanity. Four of Nimmy Melvin's five acrylics belong to a series titled Surrounded. Bright colours dominate her works. Yamini P.M.'s Singer in mixed media seems a little clichéd.

The paintings certainly do credit to the sense and sensibility of Sajitha.

“Art should be accessible and touch the lives of all. I don't see it as an exclusive domain of a few,” says Sajitha.

This is the second collection that Sajitha, director of Gouri Art Institute, has curated for the gallery that was launched last year.

While the first show, Trayati, was dedicated to eight senior contemporary artists of Kerala, 12y12 is Sajitha's way of expressing her solidarity with young artists. C.L. Porinchukutty inaugurates the exhibition at 6 p.m. It concludes on January 29.

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