Sadhana Sargam makes her debut in Malayalam films with ?Oru Nuna Kadha?

Sadhana Sargam's beautiful voice will be heard in Malayalam now. It is in the movie ?Oru Nuna Kadha' directed by Johnson Thankachan and produced by Mathew Abraham.

?She did not want to take the risk earlier, she said, but we waited and finally she said, ?Yes',? says Roy Puramadom, lyricist and Midhun Iswor, music director, who made that possible.

Sadhana heard the song for two weeks after which she called up Midhun and Roy and said she was ready for the recording.

?We flew to Mumbai immediately and got it recorded. She has sung the melody, ?Ponmulam thandilumma nalkunna?' in her inimitable way. The Sadhana touch is great. It's a duet and the male voice is that of ?Anuragavilochanayi' fame, Bombay Sreekumar. ?This is his second Malayalam song,? says Roy. ?Oru Nuna Kadha' is the music director-lyricist duo's second project. Their first was the ready-to-be-released ?12 a.m.' in Malayalam and ?Easa' in Tamil in which features a 24-language song sung by as many singers. In this patriotic song, the Hindi lines have been crooned by Sadhana.

In ?Oru Nuna Kadha', there are five songs but there are nine songs on the CD, as is the recent practice. The other singers are no less than K. J. Yesudas, (he sings ?Ponne nin ormakalil?') Rahul Nambiar, Afsal, Ranjith, Suchithra, who sang ?Excuse me Kandasammy?', Biju Narayanan, Anu Kadamanitta and Sreelakshmy. ?Two of the songs in the movie are ?adipoli' ones,? says Midhun, who has passed London Trinity College's 8{+t}{+h} grade in piano and violin.

Doing his MBA now, he was also the inter-zone Kalaprathiba from Calicut University. Roy is a hotelier who strayed into writing and is enjoying every moment of it, he says. The duo has already got a few more projects. ?Oru Nuna Kadha' has another speciality. Actor Vivek of Tamil cinema acts in a Malayalam film for the first time. The lead roles are all done by newcomers, though Jagathy Sreekumar dons an important role.

The music has retro touch, reveals Midhun and Roy says that the romantic lines of yore can be felt again in these songs.