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Updated: September 27, 2011 17:15 IST

The power of pink

Anusha Parthasarathy
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INTENSE IMAGERY One of the works from 'The Pink Cocoon'
INTENSE IMAGERY One of the works from 'The Pink Cocoon'

C.P. Krishnapriya's works are a metaphorical take on freedom, feminity, acceptance and helplessness

Expressionless, mannequin-like figures with blushing cheeks, crawling felines, worms enveloped in their warm cocoon, a cat sphinx and angels with psychedelic wings — ‘The Pink Cocoon', the art show, is a mix of gender, culture and contemporary metaphors.

An MFA from the Government College of Arts, Chennai, C.P. Krishnapriya is this month's ‘Artist of the Month @ Cholamandal' and a slide presentation of her paintings was held at the Laburnum and Indigo Galleries in Cholamandal Centre for Contemporary Art, recently.

‘The Pink Cocoon' describes purity and transformation, says the 29-year-old artist.

“I think pink is an essential colour that is closest to being pure. And a cocoon is a stage in the process of transformation. It is a period of isolation in the hope of further things.”

Familiar element

While most of the figurines are feminine, Krishnapriya reveals that some are just human beings.

“Most of the motifs are women because I'm familiar with that element, and the female body is the closest to me. But, there is a political statement in the form of gender identity. The reason these people don't have hair is because that is what defines female. It's not just a feminine form sometimes, but a general human form,” she says.

And, through vivid and intense imagery, Krishnapriya exhibits freedom, suppression, helplessness, feminine qualities and independence. “The subject itself is about myself, with some space to include the onlooker. The figures are expressionless because I try to portray acceptance and helplessness; about things we hide and rarely talk about.”

Cats have a role to play too, she says. “I have a lot of cats at home and that might be among the reasons why they're so prominent in my art. But, I also find these animals gentle but independent. They're not entirely domestic, and have a rather wild streak but both male and female cats have a strong feminine quality about them. In these paintings, some are gentle, some naughty while there are others that have a rather dark element about them,” she reveals.

‘The Pink Cocoon' is inspired by events, muse and creations by other artists. “A lot of the paintings are from personal incidents, events, work of other artists and other things, in terms of stories and muse. There are about 20 paintings totally,” she says.

Krishapriya explains that among the metaphors she paints is the mask. “There's a painting where a lady wears a clown's mask. The person behind the mask could be anyone, not necessarily the fun element you associate with a clown. But she hides behind this façade, like many of us do.”

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