When Akhila Ravikumar brings out her suitcase to pack, her sulking cat climbs right into it to silently register his protest. “Looking after cats is a total delight,” she says, observing that cats have special ways of conveying their affection. Dismissing the myth that they are not as perceptive or loving as dogs, she reveals that they are deeply attached to their owners. “Each one has such an individual personality,” she says. Akhila feels that they make ideal pets for working couples or people who are not home for a major part of the day. While they’re self-sufficient in that sense, they thrive on quality time spent playing with their humans. She refers to her playful female cat who runs and fetches a toy mouse and asks to be played with. Akhila now proudly calls herself a ‘cat person’, and adds that their quirks are what make them so lovable.

Cat-owner Beena loves that her cat Sudoku (adopted from a rescue organisation last year) has taken over the household. While Sudoku plays constantly with her younger son, he prefers to keep Beena company silently when she needs a furry friend. “They are so intelligent. When I’m sick, he senses it and doesn’t leave my side. He sleeps next to me under the blanket when I’m unwell. It’s not a coincidence as it’s happened so many times. He’s part of our family now and we miss him even more than we miss each other! When my elder son calls from Singapore, he asks about Sudoku first,” she laughs.

For Kaveri Bharath, a cat is the world’s most amusing roommate. She adopted Silver who was found tied to a rock near a river. When Silver’s compassionate rescuer called Kaveri and invited her to take a look at the kitten to decide whether she’d adopt her, Kaveri remembers saying – “I don't want to see and decide. It’s like getting a baby. We don’t pick and choose.” Kaveri fell in love with Silver who was scrawny and malnourished at the time. Over the years, Silver grew into a healthy and hyperactive brat. “Sometimes at midnight, she knocks on the bedroom door with her paw and asks to be played with,” says her proud owner. “We don’t need a television at home because she’s the entertainer. She runs sideways along the couch and attacks her own tail. She’s such a clown.”