Actor Josh Duhamel on his role in Disney's romantic comedy film “When in Rome”

American actor and former model Josh Duhamel achieved his first acting success in 1999 as Leo du Pres on ABC's “All My Children” and later, as the chief of security, Danny McCoy, on NBC's “Las Vegas”. He is also well-known for his role as one of the protagonists, Captain William Lennox, in the box office hit “Transformers” as well as its sequel, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. Josh stars as Nick Beamon, a charming reporter, in Walt Disney's romantic comedy “When In Rome” which released in India earlier this month. Excerpts from an interview with Josh:

Describe your character in “When In Rome”?

I play Nick Beamon, a reporter. Nick grows up in Minnesota and moves to Red Hook, New York at the age of 12. He is a football player and played college football at Syracuse.

What was it like to work with co-star Kristen Bell?

You know, some girls can just turn it on, while some are just natural. She's got it, I mean, she's able to just be right there. Whether it's a funny scene or a scene that's pivotal to the movie which is more of the romantic kind rather than comedy, she can do them both. And she's good.

Describe the chemistry you both share in the film?

We really hit it off in the beginning, almost like love at first sight. I mean, it's all going well. And then something happens and she doesn't want to talk to me again. Then it's about trying to get her back. You know, a lot of it is about trying to figure out what happened. And then I find out I'm competing with all these other guys. It's pretty chaotic. I would say Nick and Beth have the same outlook on life. Both of them are very driven in their professions. And neither one of them is really looking for anything steady. It's one of those things, I guess, you usually find it when you're not looking for it, and that's just what happens here.

What did it feel like working with director Mark Steven Johnson?

I love doing silly stuff. It drove Mark crazy because I was always trying to make him goofier and sillier and he was always saying “No, no. You're the straight guy in this movie.” So, I said, “Okay.” We've created a happy medium there. But, you know, I think they allowed me to do a lot of things I wasn't allowed to before.

What was it like working with co-stars Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Danny DeVito and Anjelica Houston?

I was intimidated at first because Dax, Will, Jon, Danny, Anjelica and Kristen are people I really admire. I thought they were beyond funny and I didn't think I would fit in. But after working with them, I realised they were very welcoming. They were, cool and I think they realised that the only way to make me do comedy was just run me into things, or have things run into me.