Aravind Jayabal from Chennai bags an award for his short film “Vizhigal”

Aravind Jayabal bagged the prestigious ‘Silver Eye Award' for his short film titled “Vizhigal” on eye donation recently. Aravind is the founder and creative director of Raindropss, an NGO, comprising Chennai-based artists whose aim is to spread social awareness through short films and theme songs. “Vizhigal” is Raindropps' first project to bag an award. The NGO recently released two films that send out a powerful social message.

Says Aravind, “Despite efforts by government and non-government agencies, the concept of eye donation is yet to catch on in the country. There are five million visually impaired whose life can be changed through eye donation.” “Vizhigal” urges people to donate their eyes.

“The National Talent Fest, in which Raindropps participated, was organised by Antardrishti, an organisation for social development. Antardrishti has been working towards the empowerment of the visually impaired for the last five years. To achieve its objective, Antardrishti organises a short film festival and contest on the theme of eye donation,” explains Aravind.

The ‘Golden Eye' was awarded to the Bengali short film “Ritu Wants 2 C” by Nivedita Majumdar from Kolkata. Aravind J. was the sole representative from Chennai to take part and win the Silver Eye.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012