It’s summer — and that means vacation time for a lot of us. While some people like to ‘carpe diem’ their way through the travel season, the rest of us believe in a bit of organising before haring off to the hills (or wherever your travel destination is). Here are a few apps to help with that so that you can go #yolo.


This app generates an itinerary for your entire trip once you send your travel confirmation (hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation) emails to The itinerary can be synced with your Google Calender or Outlook and can even be accessed offline. Plans can be changed, added or edited later as well. Upgrading to TripIt Pro also gives you real time flight information and alerts.


If you are one of those people who simply cannot plan or function without a list, this app is a Godsend. Put away your bulky notepads, sticky notes and pens, create unlimited to do/packing lists on your phone. You can choose to edit or add to the sample template or write your own. You can edit item details (number, weight, value, person, bag) and add notes, images or alerts , and categorise and total all items.


This app is a location-based augmented reality app. It works with your camera and GPS, and provides information about the place you’re traveling in. The app basically shows all user-generated content in your camera’s view. Of course, augmented reality in India is slow to catch on, but if you’re vacationing abroad, the app can be your pocket guide. If you want to start off, the Create Place tool allows users to mark a particular location. Wikitude requires internet access, compass, accelerometer, rear facing camera, openGL 2.0+ and at least Android 4.


One of the many underused apps, Foursquare not only lets you share where you’re hanging out, it also acts as a handy little guide to the city you’re visiting. It gives you details about the city, helps discover places nearby, spot any interesting goings on and updates you with user-provided tips about malls, restaurants, shops, gardens, or any other place you may be visiting. A lot of establishments are now getting on the bandwagon – as in, you check in on Foursquare and receive a discount. Win-win!

XE Currency

So you’ve finally taken that ‘foreign trip’, broadened your horizons, eaten, drunk, made merry and shopped till you dropped. Pockets running on borrowed juice? You can now plan your budget and keep tabs on it with this app. It claims to convert every currency in the world, and even works without the internet. It provides live proprietary currency rates that refresh every minute, provides variable rates for multiple time frames and can simultaneously monitor up to 10 currencies.