Director Shyamaprasad makes his debut as an actor

Ace director Shyamaprasad is donning a new hat. That of an actor. In his maiden act as a clinical psychiatrist in Arun Kumar Arvind’s psychological thriller, One By Two, the director says that as a first time actor he’s understanding the challenges faced by an actor.

But it’s not unduly tough on him, being familiar with the ways of filmmaking. He was roped in for the role by Arun, Murali Gopy and Jeyamohan. “They wanted me just as I am.”

And just as he is Shyamaprasad plays a key role of a doctor who analyses the layers of identities of a troubled mind. “Ï am the one who reveals the mystery,” says the director who has made award-winning films like Agnisakshi, Akale, Ore Kadal and a psychological film Elektra. His films are known for their sensitive dealing of complex themes.

Dressed nattily in dark blue cords and relaxing between intense shots Shyamaprasad seemed to be enjoying his break from filmmaking. “I have just finished Artist. I have finalised a few stories and am talking to a couple of producers. But there’s not enough of inspiration to begin.” In the hiatus he has switched roles.

Facing the camera and being on the opposite side Shyamaprasad is understanding communication between the director and crew from a different angle. “A director is a sum total of his tastes so when put in the midst of different tastes, it’s a new learning and a good one at that.”

The new bunch of young directors, many in his mould, is “to his liking.” “They are trying to venture into the gap between mainstream cinema and the so-called soul-searching films. They are passionate and vibrant.” His work process is one of working with actors and yet “when you work as an actor you understand where you as a director could have done better.”

His son Vishnu is another budding director, “in the same area, but more specifically into advertising filmmaking, working with Prakash Verma’s Nirvana. He is his own, independent filmmaker,” he says with pride.

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