Bollywood's Rajeev Khandelwal will now be seen in Nat Geo's ‘Super Cars'

Rajeev Khandelwal's currently spending time spinning discs and making music. The actor is now a DJ. And where's he playing at? That, you'll get to know on September 30 when his movie “Soundtrack” releases. He plays the role of a DJ-turned-musician in the movie. (So ladies, hold your horses, no point scouring the city's discos looking for him.) “I took a crash course in DJ-ing because I wanted to get used to the equipment and the console. I didn't want to look like I am seeing these things for the first time,” says Rajeev.

He plays the role of Raunak Kaul, a young man from a small town who heads to the city and makes it big. “It is loosely based on Beethoven's story.” Like the master composer who lost his hearing, Raunak too slowly begins to turn deaf. But it's not just this handicap that he has to deal with. He also has to battle his vices — alcohol, drugs and women, which soon begin to engulf him.

The movie directed by Nirav Ghosh stars Soha Ali Khan, who plays the role of a girl who is hearing impaired and also Rajeev's love interest. “The film has a different narrative. It's a story well-told and has some good music composed by the Midival Punditz,” Rajeev vouches.

That apart he has just wrapped up shooting for Tanuja Chandra's film, “Raakh” and in the pipeline is a film with Alphonse Roy, who was the cinematographer / director of photography for Rajeev's first film, “Amir.”

Rajeev is a man on a mission. Not just movies, he is also working on a couple of projects for the small screen. He is on board National Geographic Channel for their new show titled, ‘Super Cars.' “I wasn't a machine lover till I met these super cars. Having heard the names of these brands since childhood, I wanted to know what exactly makes them so popular and special,” he says. The show will feature cars such as Camaro, Chevy Volt, The Dodge Challenger, Viper among others. The programme spanning 18 episodes will dissect each car and tell the viewers about the engineering technique that's gone into the car, why they are popular, where they are available, the rich who drive such vehicles… Asked which one of the lot is his favourite, he grins, “Difficult to pick one. It's like having to choose between Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. I think I would pick The Rolls Royce Phantom,” and with a grin adds, “I even asked them to give it to me as my remuneration,” he jokes.

‘Super Cars' will premiere on October 10 at 10 p.m. and each episode will focus on one particular brand of car. “As the face of the show I request automobile lovers to watch the episodes.”

So machine lovers, here's what you can look forward to and ladies even if the cars don't interest you, Rajeev will!

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Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012