Director Anil Sharma and the Deols share a special bond. The man has an impeccable record of five hit films with Dharmendra (‘Hukumat’, ‘Elaan-E-Jang’, ‘Farishtay’, ‘Tahalka’ and ‘Apne’) and two with Sunny (‘Gadar – Ek Prem Katha’ and ‘Apne’). Now, Anil has announced another big-budget film with Sunny Deol titled ‘Singh Saheb The Great.’

“Singh is a District Collector who is funny and weaves satire in his words. He is someone whom you cannot mess with,” says Anil, a day after he recorded the first song for the movie with Anu Malik. The film is set in Mumbai, U.P. and Bihar.

While there was media speculation that all three Deols – Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby – would star in this film, Anil has announced the project with only Sunny. “There was some confusion regarding ‘Masters,’ a film that I was planning with Dharamji, Sunny and Bobby, but ‘Singh Saheb…’ materialised before ‘Masters.’ The script for ‘Masters’ is complete and I will start that after ‘Singh Saheb’…,” says the director.

Like every Sunny film that leverages his muscle strength, Anil admits that this too will be action-oriented. “The action angle is predominant. Sunny’s is not merely that of a bureaucrat; he actually wields a lot of power in his area. Once I zeroed in on the character, I met several District Collectors across the country. I got to hear some amazing stories which I plan to incorporate in my film.”

The director affirms that his lead actor is in the best of shape and his back, which was reportedly causing some concern, is not worrisome any longer. “Sunny has lost a lot of weight and has never looked this good before. He is all set and enthusiastic to start the film.” The film will on the floors by October/November this year and is likely to be released in mid-2013.