Prior to Jackpot’s release, Sunny Leone talks about choosing roles that will project her as an artiste

One thinks Sunny Leone and the obvious comes to mind: adult film star eye-candy. Sit her down and speak to her and she seems as far away from the tags that never cease to follow her as you can imagine, with an almost childlike enthusiasm and excitement about living her dream. “I’ve always wanted to be in mainstream movies. This is a challenge, what with my having little experience and not being too fluent with Hindi, but I love it so much and am so happy. This is something that doesn’t happen to everyone, and I’ve been given so much love by this country and everyone here that I hope it continues for a very long time,” she says.

Ask her about the steamy tags and she responds simply that she can’t erase them and isn’t trying to: “This isn’t something I can easily get away from, and I don’t want to either. I am what I am, this is what I’ve done and I’m not ashamed of it,” she asserts.

In Jackpot, as in Jism 2, the promotions continue to project her in a certain way and one can’t help but wonder if the roles being offered to her aren’t all catering to the same projection? “I would be lying if I tried to deny that,” she says, “I’m sure that does go into the choice of my being cast, but I also think that this is my second movie and with every movie that comes out this perception might change bit by bit over time. I want my work to speak for itself and get me to a place where I am seen as a performer and considered for more work on that basis rather than anything else.”

To this end, she has been making a conscious effort to choose roles that are different from each other. “Jackpot is very different from the sequel of Ragini MMS which caters to a niche audience and appeals to a certain market, and then Tina and Lolo is masala, massy fare that is like Charlie’s Angels meets Thelma and Louise meets Kill Bill! Doing all these roles is the only way I’ll know where I fit in best.” In making these choices, Sunny also believes that sex appeal is a must: “Sex appeal is very important. I saw Katrina’s poster for Dhoom-3, she looks hot! I love Aamir Khan and all the guys in the movie, but my eye goes straight to her because she’s so beautiful, and that’s what might actually be the reason for many people to watch the movie,” she says and signs off saying that she has literally moved her whole world to Mumbai to follow her dream, and hopes that people will appreciate the work she does now.