With a plethora of offerings ranging from dhoklas to dabelis, the Ram Bharosa Sweet Mart is a foodie haven for those who crave Gujarati savouries.

There are dhoklas which lie on the billing counters of supermarkets and grocery stores, most of the times they look unappealing and then there are these other dhoklas which gives you the feel of pressing a pure woollen cloth. They spring back. Fluffy, spongy and brittle all at one go. And this is what Ram Bharosa Sweet mart offers. But this is not all about the dhokla, the chutney it comes with, is not green and not does it come with the usual tossed green chilli.

A plateful of dhokla becomes perfect with the orange sweet and slightly tangy chutney generously poured over the yellow chunks. More on the dhokla: a mouthful of this served with the cubed raw mango pickle will explain Gujaratis’ love for their dhokla.

Shree Ram Bharosa Sweet mart is always over crowded with food lovers who love to snack on the pure Gujarati snacks and sweets. Close to 90-years-old, this shop is also a landmark for Badi Chowdi regulars and the forever crowded shop always made others wonder what is so special about them.

Well, almost everything, if one has to go by the crowd and the bags they carry after eating to their heart’s content.

To get started one can begin with the dabeli — a bun with a masala patty, followed by dhokla of course, then the fafra and the thepla.

This is enough to eat to one’s heart’s content, after this comes the take away bag.

Everyone raves about Osmania biscuit and chai but then they must not have tried the chaata and chai.

But what is a chaata. A chaata is a biscuit sort of preparation made of flour and almost looks like mathiri but it is unusually flaky yet manageable. Eating this snack is fun and definitely delicious. “Take it on a plate and pour hot tea over it and enjoy it by the spoonful from the plate,” says senior Ram Bharosa whose dad started the shop in the area.

Also to be tried here is the tiranga dhokla, oondiya, kesar peda, bessan chakki, kucth peda and jalebi.

The other speciality is their kele ka samosa (banana samosa) and ghee jalebis. The ghee jalebis however is their Sunday special.

Ram Bharosa Sweet Mart

Where: Lane opp. Ramkote Police Station

What: Gujarati special items

When: From 10 am onwards

Phone: 040 24751007