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Updated: November 2, 2011 17:04 IST

Sugar and song

    Anusha Parthasarathy
    Shruthi Mathews
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Baked delights: Nanditha. Photo: K. Pichumani
Baked delights: Nanditha. Photo: K. Pichumani

Nanditha Sashidharan, the lead vocalist of a local band is now gaining popularity for her baked treats

Scrolling through The Sugar Hut's Facebook page is like being a kid in a sweetshop — except that you're not a kid, and you're not in a sweetshop (salivating over images on a screen isn't quite the same). However, Nanditha Sashidharan's kitchen-turned-bakery has gained wild popularity almost solely via the internet. And it isn't hard to see why — The Sugar Hut whips up a steady stream of sugary delights that keep you drooling.

A rock star with a sweet tooth, Nanditha began baking to lure her fellow band mates to 5 a.m. practises (if her brownies don't get you out of bed, we don't know what will). “When I was younger, my mother was constantly baking and I was only too happy to watch her — and stick my finger in the mixing bowl wherever possible!” says Nanditha, “I'm the lead vocalist of a local band called ‘No Idea', and used these little baked treats to get the boys to come for rehearsals. Proud of my handiwork, I put up pictures of what I'd made on Facebook, casually naming the folder ‘The Sugar Hut'. Suddenly, calls and requests came flooding in, and before I knew it ‘The Sugar Hut' had become a brand.”

Cookies, brownies, pies, tarts, cheesecakes, cakes, muffins and just about anything else you can think of, Nanditha is always up for a challenge. “The whole point is to give customers what they want. When it comes to baking, sometimes it's hard to source the required ingredients, but I enjoy the challenge of finding them and I never say ‘no'. For instance, most cheesecakes here don't use cream cheese — their essential ingredient. I insist on using premium ingredients and don't compromise on quality. I also enjoy making less conventional desserts such as Red Velvet or Lavender cupcakes,” she says.

It's not just about the taste; Nanditha is meticulous about presentation — she likes her food to be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tummy. “This is my canvas now, and a lot is happening here.”

For now, all baking business is conducted from her apartment. But Nanditha is looking to expand in the near future. “Ideally I'd like to own a café where I can coalesce my two passions; music and baking. I'd like to be able to sell my cakes as well as hold open-mic nights to support local bands. I've also been approached by cafés, and supplying them with my desserts isn't out of the question. But, for now, I'm happy with what I'm doing.”

And there is something for everyone, even vegans. “I do make a lot of vegan cakes and cupcakes. I use non-dairy cream for this. I even do some sugar-free goodies, but what seems to be more popular are the alcohol-based desserts,” she adds with a laugh.

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