Can Sex and the City 2's run in Chennai be complete without a fashion night to celebrate style?

The fashion fairy tale of Carrie and Co continues in “Sex and the City 2”. As the fab four (played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon) go about their escapades in the franchise that's famous for several fashion-forward moments, style aficionados are left with many questions. Are ball gowns with boyfriend blazers the next big thing? Is it okay to team T-shirts with vintage skirts? Is dressing up all about girlish whimsy? Are snaky Cleopatra earrings and spangly necklaces in? What about statement-making bags and shoes? Have accessories become excess-ories?

Distil (Taj Connemara), Warner Brothers and fashion choreographer Karun Raman presented a show to coincide with SATC 2's run in the city. Chennai's swish set turned up to cheer two young designers, Jyothi Rajai and Satkrit Krishna, who came up with their own interpretation of style. And instead of shoe maximalist Christian Louboutin who does some sole searching in SATC 2, the event featured a collection by Miss Sixty from Language.


Jyothi Rajai

My label combines various design features without compromising on the style quotient. It's a bold perspective that accentuates femininity and the confidence level of the person wearing it. In SATC 2 the clean necklines and the off-shoulder ensembles are a treat. Personally, I feel the first film displayed better fashion sense throughout. But fashion in films is tricky business.

Satkrit Krishna

What I've shown is a teaser to the collection that will be unveiled at the upcoming Chennai International Fashion Week. SATC is feminine, rich and glamorous all the way. And I'd like to incorporate these elements into my relaxed, dressy line that features contoured gowns. Most guys secretly watch chick flicks... I'm probably one among them! I like the SATC franchise more than anything for the costumes.


The women are older in SATC 2. But fashionistas know it's not age, but attitude that counts. And that's what mattered at the Distil event too. Guests carried off shorts and dresses with an air of nonchalance. Black ruled the party circuit and in keeping with the trend, it was the cuts, not the embellishment that did the talking. Footnotes were simple, yet slick and everyone had something to clutch.

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