A lot is happening around the good old coffee, says Master Barista Fritz Storm

It was in 1952 that the Pan-American Coffee Bureau advertisement campaign urged consumers, “Give yourself a coffee-break and get what coffee gives to you.” Aptly called a social lubricant by some and coffee houses being termed as ‘intellectuals' elixir', a lot can surely happen over a hot piping cup! To rediscover this passion for coffee, New Delhi's Le Meridian hosted Fritz Storm, Master Barista and LM100 Member, for “A New Perspective Event”, at their Caffe e Chocol'art.

Fritz Storm wishes to provide the world with a better coffee experience, from the quality of the coffee bean, to the ambience and surroundings in which the coffee is drunken giving thorough insights into coffee houses and coffee culture.

He spoke about the various stages that a coffee bean goes through like harvesting, picking, drying, selection and roasting, followed by actual brewing of espresso and cappuccino. Being a Danish-born barista, who stumbled upon the world of coffee purely by chance as a bartender in the early 1990s, the man surely knows his coffee, and believes that, “a perfect cup of coffee is a way of honouring all those who have contributed to its production from the coffee grower to the barista.”

With the increasing number of ‘fast-coffee' outlets throughout the world, and that of instant coffee, Fritz Storm believes that few people have really had the chance to sample a true coffee and to experience the full potential of the coffee bean. He therefore shares his coffee knowledge through his consultancy company and in the training and education of baristas. Talking about the coffee scene back in Europe, he says, “In Europe every second house you come across has a coffee shop. We make some of the best coffee. But sadly people back there are increasingly becoming ignorant, as far as the quality of coffee is concerned. People cannot distinguish one coffee from the other! Asia I feel, is more interested in the quality of coffee they drink, they are experimenting.”

Hailing from Denmark, that ranks amongst the top consumers of coffee per capita, Fritz still loves his plain old espresso, and savours 10-15 cups on an average per day. “Today instant coffee has taken the world by storm, but little do people know that it's killing the very essence of true coffee,” says Fritz. He goes on to add, “I have devoted myself to sharing every bit of knowledge about coffee that I have with every coffee lover out there and in the process I myself get to learn a lot!”

Fritz is particularly happy that the concept of barista's is slowly increasing, “Just like we have sommeliers for food and wine, I feel every barista should know and share every possible combination of coffee possible, and should not be afraid to experiment.”

He calls coffee his favourite dessert, and considers a combination of vanilla ice cream with coffee a delicacy. Speaking about liquor and coffee combinations, Fritz apprehensively says, “Yes, there are a few combinations, Irish Coffee, for instance. But I personally do not like mixing alcohol with coffee.”

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