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Updated: December 18, 2012 18:43 IST

Step by step

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Rahul Bose. Photo: Murali Kumar K.
Rahul Bose. Photo: Murali Kumar K.

The Stepathlon is a great way of getting people to just get up and start walking

Count the number of steps you take today and when you reach 10,000 give yourself a pat on the back because you have done your bit for the day to keep fit. Although 10,000 may seem a lot for those workaholics who don’t have enough time to breathe, the exercise is a fun way to spare some time for health.

Stepathlon is a mass participation event for companies around the globe conducted over 100 days.

A minimum of 10,000 steps a day is the recommended number, to be active. Stepathlon’s race that keeps tabs on the number of steps with a pedometer, encourages a positive step towards health while interacting with similar people who share equally hectic lifestyles in different countries. Fitness enthusiast and actor, Rahul Bose who makes an appearance in the Stepathlon calendar, speaks over phone with The Hindu about his experience. “It just requires a little bit of will,” says Rahul, and that according to him goes a long way to help people maintain an exercise routine.

Being a sports fanatic himself, Rahul says he enjoyed playing various games ever since he was a child. Even now, the former Indian team rugby player indulges in his daily dose of trekking, swimming and playing different games. “I like being fit,” he says as it all comes down to that. About Stepathlon, Rahul feels that it is a great and innovative way of keeping a tab on health, what with a hectic lifestyle, and particularly emphasises on the “team building component” involved as the onus is on each member of the team to build the points of the team.

This unique concept of a race around the world to suit the regime of high-end corporates in competitive spirit has that edge of novelty to it. “It is something that you don’t see in India at all,” Rahul points out.

The Stepathlon calendar, made to help keep the motivational factor going even after the 100 days of the competition, has interesting names for each month, named after a different form of exercise or sport like ‘Ranuary’ and ‘Shaperil’ and features a different celebrity for each month, Rahul being ‘Ranuary’.

May the pedometer race ahead!

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