Photography, says actor Sunny Deol gives him a high like no other pastime

CAMERA IS BEST… Most of the gadgets that we have around us are there to reduce our workload and make life simpler. But there are also a few gadgets which take you to a different world. For me, my camera is one such gadget because photography gives me an immense kick.

HOBBY SINCE CHILDHOOD… I have always been interested in photography and have been pursuing this hobby since childhood. I love to capture memorable moments on my camera. When I first began taking pictures, I was not aware of the technicalities such as the sharpness of image or colour.

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE… But I started sitting next to the DOPs (Directors of Photography) on film shoots and learning from them. I would talk to them about which lens to use and about the different effects that can be achieved with different lenses.

RARE MOMENTS… I like to capture Nature, lighting patterns and take candid snaps. When you are with your family and kids, you have the opportunity to capture those rare moments which will remain with you through your entire lifetime.

CANON COMES FIRST… I always carry my camera and my lenses with me wherever I go — be it in the car or on the sets. I have proper equipment now – a tripod, a light reader and so on. I've been very loyal to my Canon, which was my first camera.

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