Monsters and other scary creatures rule the sweet side story this Halloween

It’s that bewitching time of the year again when our western counterparts are prepping up for some ghoulish fun. Despite being halfway across the globe from them, Indians are also embracing the festivity if not the festival itself. Today is Halloween and youngsters in the city have already done their bit scouting around for costumes, attending umpteen Halloween parties being thrown by friends, clubs and hotels. And since the fiesta isn't confined to ghost stories, apple bobbing or horror flicks, bakers and confectioners are going out of their way to make the “trick-or-treating” fete a spookily sweet one!

With themes and inspirations changing each year, Blossom Fernandez who runs a baking business, The CakeAiry, says: “I've been receiving a lot of cupcake orders from parents who order with the intention of treating their kids on Halloween as part of the trick or treat concept. It’s amazing to see Halloween being celebrated here with so much enthusiasm and I absolutely love decorating these cupcakes.” Some of her Halloween offerings include Ghost, Mummy and Pumpkin themed cupcakes.

Suman Gandhi, proprietor of Simply Mmmm Cupcakes, observes: “People are hosting Halloween parties for kids where they can make monster faces on their own cupcakes. It’s a cute and fun activity.” As far as the orders she’s received goes, Suman informs: “I’ve been working on sugar craft for the celebration. Some of this includes eyes with horns, scary shaped noses, teeth and arms. Each of these is made separately so that the kids can stick them onto frosted cupcakes and have monster cupcakes for themselves. I’ve also received orders for sugar craft monsters to be put on cakes, as well as on Popsicle sticks to stand them onto the cakes.”

For Tanisha Paul who has moved back to India from the U.S., Halloween is going to be very different from what it used to be. “My neighbours are rather clueless about how Halloween actually works and since kids here don’t know much about trick-or-treating, I’ve decided to host a theme party for them. As far as the goodies go, I’ve made a massive coffin cake. Using the internet as a referral, I’ve got some of my friends to help me with Casper and Hairy Scary themed cake pops. I’ve even made a scary candy cauldron,” she says.

Healthy options

While kids will most certainly not crib about the saccharine treats, the adults hosting Halloween parties are most definitely counting the calories! “I think the trick or treat idea is fun but is far from nutritious, so I’ve decided to make some scary looking healthy treats myself, one of which is the chocolate bark which I’d read up about online. I’ve melted dark chocolate and have added nuts and dried fruits to it and have allowed it to harden in the refrigerator,” says Preeti Rajsingh, a home maker and baking enthusiast.

With all the talk about bite-sized treats and the hors d'oeuvres trend ruling the roster, fun size candy is another hit this Halloween. From mini chocolate bars to tiny jars filled with jellybeans in spooky designs to creepy mini-cupcakes, people seem to be taking innovation at Halloween rather seriously. Other popular Halloween sweet treat trends this year include Jack o’ Lantern candies, chocolate spiders and snake toothpicks for desserts. Licorice, marshmallows, gumdrops are being used to make monsters with spiky fangs, bulging eyes, and other grotesque features. It sure looks like Halloween is more than just another excuse to party the night away dressed as a pirate. After all, who isn’t game for goodies?

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