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What’s in a name?

This reporter was supposed to interview someone just as he arrived from the airport. With his bag still sporting the airline tag he sat down for the interview. Ten minutes later he got a call. “Oh but I am already at the hotel,” he spoke into the phone. After he hung up he looked up at us and said, “I came to the hotel in somebody else’s car. Mine is still waiting at the airport. And also waiting there is a very unhappy man who has the same surname as me!”

Finger food

This vegetarian reporter was once out of town on work for a week. Since the food was mostly non-vegetarian, she always had to check twice before eating. By the end of the week, the hotel staff was so used to her questions that they would stand by the buffet table and point to the vegetarian dishes.

Deadly humour

At a recent family event, when an elderly relative found out about this reporter’s profession, they were curious about the way things work in the newspaper. They asked numerous questions and even declared their admiration for the industry. Finally when it came to asking the reporter about her work, they asked, “So where do you work? The obituary department? We read it regularly.”

Fit for her

Recently, a top-notch designer from New Delhi launched his new line at a boutique in Chennai. Fashionistas in the city trooped in and tried out his garments. The designer known to be extremely finicky about who wears his creations, ticked off a 40-year-old woman when she tried to pour herself into one of his structured dresses. “Mam, the garment will give way… you have to go for a bigger size and a slightly different styling to suit your personality.”

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