Two's company

Prone to getting lost even among known settings, this reporter decided not to risk it and took an auto while doing a story on the food at different sabhas. Not only did she burn a hole in her pocket, as happens while taking an auto in Chennai city, she also got lost while heading to nearly all the venues. Turns out the auto driver too lacked a sense of direction. After sharing a meal with this reporter at one of the sabhas, he said, “At least we had company while getting lost. It would have been boring if you had driven yourself in your car, no?”

Pedalling back in time

On a rather busy street that had a string of cycle shops, this reporter was out to find the oldest. The first store was a popular one, and an earlier report had even mentioned it as the oldest store. When the reporter entered the next shop, a smaller one, the owner assured her that this store was the oldest. Confused, she entered the third shop only to find the owner telling her that theirs was the oldest. This is what history does to you.

Tile style

This reporter, while on duty, is like a horse with blinkers. He sees nothing but the assignment or the story he is asked to do. While at a press conference for a real estate/property related story he sat beside a young lady in a pair of black stilettos. Looking down he exclaimed “Nice!” The girl looked up and said, “Thanks. They were on sale.” The reporter continued, “This is a very unusual pattern. It's the 80s style...could call it vintage...” The girl looked impressed and said, “Wow you know so much about shoes.” The reporter looking confused, replied, “Actually...erm...I was talking about the tiles.”


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