A weekly column on stories that didn’t make it

The write stuff

Pens are essential for interviews, but pretty/fancy pens work even better as they shift the focus of the person being interviewed from my terrible handwriting to the object itself. So when a luxury pen designer had to be interviewed, it seemed appropriate to ransack my drawer for the fanciest pens. Found two new ones — one with ornate patterns on it and the other with the world map designed on it. At the interview, the world map pen was first pulled out. Half way through the interview as I took notes it stopped. The pen was tapped, first subtly and then vigorously but in vain. The next pen was then whisked out with a triumphant smile on my face. A few lines later it stopped too. After groping around I yanked out what I thought was a pen and started taking notes. Only when I heard the designer giggling did I realise that I was using my kohl stick. He offered me his pen and said, “Next time before you use brand new pens do test them out first.”

Bag this

People assume critics are cruel. Not always. People assume reviewing food must be fun. Not always. A writer once found herself in a tough position when the chef decided to flood her with appetisers. He sent plate after plate to her table, asking for her opinion on each one. Determined not to hurt his feelings by rejecting the ones she didn’t like, she hurriedly shoved them into a paper napkin and stuffed it in her handbag every time he turned around. So his feelings were saved. The handbag, however, was a write off.

Seat of contention

Seen and clicked in a busy street in Mylapore — an auto rickshaw, parked in the middle of the road, had its passenger seat removed by a traffic policeman, after waiting in vain for the driver to turn up and remove the vehicle. But the moment he walked away with the seat, the driver materialised and ran after the cop, crying ‘saar, saar...’

In picture — the auto with the missing passenger seat...

Lips don’t lie

When this reporter was writing about a music band, she noticed that their manager had a lip-shaped mark on his neck. Embarrassed, she was unable to meet his eyes throughout the interview without drawing attention to it. “We’ve gotten particularly creative this time,” explained the band manager with a smirk towards the end, “with entry stamps that looks like lipstick marks.”


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