A weekly column on stories that didn’t make it

There’s one part of a public event that this reporter usually prefers to skip — the part where they open the floor for questions because there’s always that one person who asks cringe-worthy questions. At a recent event, as this reporter stepped out of the room just as the Q&A session started, the organisers rushed to her and said loudly, “Wait, wait!” The reporter froze and retraced her steps to sit down, feeling rather flustered. But instead of asking her to sit, the organiser nudged her to get up and said, “There’s samosa, please eat before you leave.”

All in a day’s work

We get to do the most unusual things during the day. When a colleague was invited to judge a tequila cocktail mixing competition, little did she realise that there were going to be 33 rounds of alcohol waiting to be tasted and well, evaluated as every young bartender was rated under different categories by different judges. Given how seriously she was taking her job of drinking all day, it was probably a good thing she took me along. Tequila may make a whole lot of things seem nice and fun…except maybe math. Very smartly, she outsourced the totalling job to yours truly. After 33 rounds (“Hey, technically, it’s only about 50 sips of tequila,” she insisted), it was a rather long wait till she was sober enough to drive back home.

Voice and views

At a recent book launch, this reporter asked readers about the book. One of them began to talk about it in detail, “It has a lot of philosophy, kind of makes you think after you read it.” The reporter then asked her which of the books by the author she’s read. “None yet,” she replied, “These are just things I’ve heard.”

Bag it

When you are a shopaholic it’s really hard to hold back when you see something you like. So when this reporter was at a store launch interviewing an accessory designer, she couldn’t pick up what she liked as it is really unprofessional to shop while on duty. So she surreptitiously clicked a picture of the bag she wanted and sent it to a friend who promptly got to the store and pretended to buy the desired bag for herself.