Within a short span, ‘Chicken Cottage' has carved a niche churning out impressive assortment of recipes.

Bored of savouring the same old chicken delicacies?

Then break away from the beaten track at Chicken Cottage on the busy New Natham Road near Ramakrishna math.

Started seven months ago, the restaurant has introduced delicacies that speak volumes about the creativity of the Executive Chef M. Krishnamoorthy, who attempts to stay away from the tried and tested run-of-the-mill stuff.

He surprises his his customers with “today's special”. And that for instance could include the very unique, ‘Chicken chips', a crispy starter. Boneless chicken keema with salt, pepper and corn flour with egg to bind is tightened in a cloth and then steam cooked.

It is cut into wafer thin slices and deep fried in oil to make delicious chicken chips.

Success formula

“It is really a challenge to distinguish yourself with so many restaurants mushrooming.. It is not easy to churn out exclusive delicacies. We try to plan our items in advance,” says Krishnamoorthy.

Trained in Chinese cuisine, . Krishnamoorthy's mastery over Chinese delicacies is unquestionable. But what is more appreciable is that he has also equipped himself well in south Indian recipes to develop the place into a multi-cuisine restaurant. In fact, his brilliant amalgamation of old-world and contemporary cuisine has proved a great hit with customers.

Sought after dish

He has also specially created a recipe, ‘Sugarcane Chicken', made of chicken keema with salt and pepper and a little portion of sugarcane juice. It is then rolled into balls and pierced with small sticks made out of fleshy portion of sugar cane. The chicken lollypops are first steam cooked and then deep fried.

“We call it children's special, as it is not spicy. It provides a perfect blend of hot and sweet. We also have a vegetarian counterpart to cater to vegetarian customers, where vegetables are used instead of chicken,” he explains.

‘Roasted Chicken' is another dish being lapped up by customers. . Unlike grilled chicken which is marinated, roasted chicken has its skin intact and is boiled in the sausage that includes star anise, soya sauce and ginger-garlic paste. Then, it is roasted in oil to make a lip-smacking delicacy with crispy outer portion and succulent inner part

So far, Mr. Krishnamoorthy has introduced more than 100 indigenous chicken recipes. . Now, people come here with an expectation looking for something different and new.

Not to disappoint his clientele, he plans to introduce soon ‘Sevvizhani Briyani' and Arabian barbeque. . “It is biriyani made with tender coconut water and pulp and offered in coconut shells,” he says.

Started predominantly as a barbeque outlet, Chicken Cottage has grown in stature and now boasts of impressive assortment of recipes with delightful contrast of flavours and texture receiving an overwhelming response. The restaurant is open between 12 noon and 11 p.m.

Outdoor catering is also available. Home delivery orders for bills over Rs.300 are also taken for a radius of two kilometres and beyond which service charges are levied.

For further information dial 9442405676, 4345151.

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