Tips on where to articulate in a conversation

Any language, whether spoken or written, has the following elements: accent, articulation, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structuring, and fluency.

Accent and articulation form the base of any spoken language because that gives style, polish, and finesse to your speech.

So any minor grammatical errors or wrong usage of words may go unnoticed if you present your communication articulately and with confidence, thus covering up lapses, which may be embarrassing in certain situations.

Some exercises to achieve the right articulation.


Focus: For about two weeks, you have to be very conscious of the way you speak English. Focus on your accent and articulation.

Speed: Speed is very essential when you articulate. You will have to maintain an internal speedometer with an accelerator, which you will have to monitor with care.

Now use the timer in your watch or cell phone and set it for 60 seconds.

Then, read this passage in 60 seconds.

‘Motivation is driven by a deep desire. It makes me determined and focussed, taking me from height to height, whether personally or professionally. The drive comes mainly from my internal source though external sources could help immensely. Nearly all my conscious behaviour is motivated by my internal needs and drives which lead to certain actions which fulfil my needs. I build my confidence by empowering myself with knowledge. I identify my weak skills and build it up slowly but steadily making me a master.

‘I will only have positive thoughts and actions. I will remember my past victories and build on them. I make a conscious effort of taking care of myself well by exercising daily, meditating, dressing well and presentable. Only I can make it happen.'

Practise regularly and your speed will be regularised.

Sentences: Understand the various ideas in each sentence. Mark the pauses and read them carefully. You will have to change your tone just a little for each idea by pausing where you have marked.

• Ritu plans/ to pick up food/ for dinner tonight.

• The professor professed that professional proficiency would be preferred.

• Fine people are difficult to find.

• They did not keep their promises to perform a perfect dance without faults.

• Ramu laughed at a terrible picture of his nephew's falling off a fence.

• The children lapped laughed lept and left.

• Firefighters are fighting totally against the raging fire.

• Woollen vest for the weird wolf is worn in the bright woodlands

Regular practice

Make a commitment to yourself and a detailed plan of action and practise regularly. Remember by doing this you are investing in yourself and you will reap all the benefits. In no time your English will be articulate.

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