Urban Solace offers hearty Continental fare in a chilled out ambience

As you drive along Annaswamy Mudaliar Road which runs alongside the picturesque Ulsoor lake, slip into the lane between the Tamil Sangam and Foto Flash to find Urban Solace.

As we sit down to eat, we ask the owner, Perry Menzies, about the name. “My café is an alternate space, a café for the soul where you can unwind from the stress of everyday living,” he explained.

We sat back and ordered a soupa Mexicana and Cream of Chicken soup. Perfect for veggies, the soupa Mexicana is made of a puree of plump roasted tomatoes, garden veggies, flavoured with fresh basil and American corn with an unusual dash of spice to zing it up. I scraped my bowl clean of the cream of chicken soup made with pepper corns, finely chopped celery, leeks and parsley with a dollop of fresh cream and diced chicken. You must try a salad at Urban Solace as Perry buys them ensuring the veggies are garden fresh. We ordered a cool and crispy salad which was a selection of English vegetables, mixed with deep fried crisp noodles and tossed in a dressing of olive oil, honey and mustard. Then there is the tuna salad, a traditional favourite, Urban Solace serves it up with chopped celery, onion, parsley, bell peppers, boiled egg and tuna slivers, in a generous serving of mayonnaise and lemon juice with a dash of paprika on top.

For the main course the choice was chicken paprika and poulet champignon. Both chicken dishes, but diametrically different in taste. I chose the poulet champignon which is the breast of chicken stuffed with spinach and mushroom and grilled.

The chicken paprika was also breast of chicken with mushroom and bell peppers and in a red paprika sauce. Both dishes were served with a generous serving of English veggies and buttered rice.

There is a choice of pasta — penne, spiral or farfelle served with garlic bread. Burgers too are on the menu, which come with a portion of French fries and coleslaw.

Please don't leave without trying their dessert. “It is sourced from a lady who specialises in desserts,” revealed Perry and we were glad we decided to try the rum and chocolate, rich chocolate and the orange chocolate marble cake on offer.

All are served warm, with a generous helping of ice cream.

On weekdays, Urban Solace offers a buffet at Rs. 125 for vegetarians and Rs. 150 for non-vegetarians. Call: 9945022177 for reservations.

Urban Solace is at 32, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Opposite Ulsoor Lake, near Tamil Sangam.Call: 25553656, 25553657.