This time, how many of us are planning to make an effort to bring about change? How many of us are going to make an attempt to go to the nearest polling booths to cast our votes?

They say that today's youth are our future. But, are we really ready for such a huge responsibility, when we don't even take any effort to know about the things happenings in our nation? When we are not even sure of the number of parties fighting for power or if the elections are single phased or double? Most of us don't even bother to get our voter ID cards issued. Can we really call ourselves responsible youth?

Time to act

Being a college student myself, I know what most of us think about politics. Curfews , Hindu-Muslim conflicts , bomb blasts and most importantly a lot of people think, including many of my friends, that politics is a dirty game. If it is so, then why don't we make an attempt to make it as pure as crystal?

Why don't we take a step forward and cast our votes for the better candidates? But, we always get carried away by other things. Instead of seeing it as another holiday to celebrate, to sleep or party, can't we do what we are capable of? If most of us can fight to get our driving license or an entry to the pub, then why don't we make an effort to fight for this too? Isn't our country our first priority? When we call ourselves mature and sensible, then why don't we show our maturity here too? My doubts are will this election time also end up being another gala time for most of us or will we see a renaissance of "traditions" and "beliefs"? Are we all ready for a change?

SUNAYNA TUNGA, II B.Tech, Nanotechnology, SRM University.

Keywords: voting

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