It’s a Techie Life Technopark is all set to launch an FM radio station

Suddenly, radio seems to be the buzz word in Technopark, what with UST Global launching its online radio channel, Uzone, last week and earlier, in mid-September, as part of its anniversary celebrations, IBS hosting a week-long radio broadcast exclusively for its employees. Meanwhile, Infosys’ ‘Infyradio’, which has been on air online for the past couple of years, continues to be popular. Now, Technopark authorities say that they have taken things a byte further and are all set to launch an FM radio station!

“It’s proceeding at a fast pace. We’ve already put in an application with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for our radio station. We hope to get it cleared soon, after which it needs approval from the Ministry of Environment and a couple of others too,” says K.C. Chandrashekaran Nair, Chief Finance Officer, programme coordinator- new initiatives, and Secretary and Registrar, Technopark-TBI, who is in charge of the venture.

“Our aim is to create awareness about Technopark. Also, even if it is the age of visuals, radio, we feel, is the best way to connect with the maximum number of techies who work on campus; they can tune in to the network on their radios or their smartphones,” he adds.

The radio channel is being developed in-house by business incubator Technopark-TBI with technical support by a few companies on campus. In the initial phase, the radio will be broadcast across a 15 km radius outbound from Technopark “The broadcast will cover most of Thiruvananthapuram district – perhaps up to Attingal. Later, we hope to expand to Kollam and even beyond,” says Chandrashekaran Nair.

The name of the radio station is yet to be finalised but Park authorities have sent out emails to employees asking for suggestions. “Already we’ve got a huge number of responses; variations of Technopark radio, techie radio, and the like,” he says.

The programmes broadcast will be a mix of entertainment and information.

“It will be more or less like other FM stations, professional RJs and all, but with special focus on Technopark related news and issues,” says Chandrashekaran Nair. In addition to film songs, song dedications and other entertainment content, the radio station plans to feature news updates on the happenings in Technopark with regards to the companies on campus, interviews with head honchos and visitors to campus, the latest from in-house organisations such as Natana, the cultural forum, Nakshatra, the film club, GTech, the group of technology companies, and so on. They have also allotted time for advertising. “As of now advertisements and posters cannot be displayed on campus other than banners tied to lamp posts. Thus for advertisers it’s an instant connect with a 40,000 strong community,” says Chandrashekaran Nair.

Once it gets the license, Technopark radio hopes to go on air on January 1, 2014. “It will be our New Year gift to the city,” says Chandrashekaran Nair as he signs off.