At an awareness campaign, members of the transgender community were given relevant information about HIV

In a bid to make transgenders aware of HIV AIDS, NGO Aarohan organised an AIDS awareness campaign, a Delhi AIDS Control Society project, at Budh Vihar, with more than 100 members of the transgender community attending it.

The session began with a Ganesh vandana which was followed by a fashion show, a dance competition and finally a health check-up camp. “The campaign was well appreciated by the transgenders. It served to fill in the gap between them and the society. A blunt rejection from our side generates hatred in their minds for us. Our effort through this campaign was to narrow the gap,” said Rani Patel, founder of Aarohan.

“Transgenders today, despite their biological and genetic abnormalities, engage themselves in sexual practices, for short term earnings primarily. They enjoy complete freedom when it comes to this. There is no one to keep a check on them. Therefore, their trafficking takes place quite often and people come across an increased number of trans-genders on roadsides”, she further added.

The outfit aims not just educating transgenders but also sensitising the society towards them.