It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been in touch for over a year or if you have forgotten their birthday or even if you didn’t call when you promised you would; a friend is a friend is a friend. Celebrating the bonds of friendship is Friendship Day, which falls on the first Sunday of August. MetroPlus tunes in as a few celebrities talk about their 2 a.m. friends.

Poornima Indrajith

Television show hostess

I have a large group of friends, each special in their own way. There’s a group of six of which I am a member, and we are like each other’s shadows. We talk to each other daily and keep ourselves updated on each other’s lives. However, Revathy, my friend from pre-degree, is my really good friend. Her mom and my mom are good friends too; we discovered this during our convocation day when our parents met for the first time. Revathy and I live in two different cities now; she is in Bangalore, and I am in Kochi. Although we are not in touch as much, when we do meet or talk, our conversations pick up from where we stopped last. She is a kindred spirit. Our children are friends too.

Gauthami Nair


I can’t stop with just a couple of names. There are over a dozen. We were together from kindergarten till class 12 when I was in Kuwait – Nafila, Febian, Sabrina, Sheba, Merin, Christopher, Ajith, Cyril, Suraj… We always keep in touch and are always there for each other, even if we don’t meet often. I am the one who always misses out on get-togethers. But we will most probably be coming together for a friend’s wedding soon. Meanwhile, I have some close buddies in the film industry as well. Srinath [Rajendran], director of my debut film, Second Show, Sunny [Wayne], Mamta chechi [Mamta Mohandas] somebody whom I turn to for advices, Dulquer [Salmaan], Vijay Yesudas and wife, Darshana, whom I treat like my brother and sister.”


Playback singer

There are three friends who have always been there for me. Jithesh, who has been my friend since kindergarten, Maya, a friend from my college days and Gayathri, whom I met while doing my postgraduation. The bond we share is not because of music. There are many similarities in our character. They are three people who know me inside out and even if I don’t tell them anything they would understand what I need. Interestingly, they are the ones who keep me connected with other friends.



I have many friends, many intimate ones too, but I don’t know if any of them will actually pick up the phone if I call at 2 a.m.! The one person I can call at any time, morning, noon or night is my wife, Saritha. We started off as friends and after all these years we still are each other’s best friends. I think that’s one of the reasons why we work as a couple. I still remember, one day, during the shoot of Pulival Kalyanam (2003), I finished my shots sometime around midnight and was waiting for Kayva Madhavan, Lalu Alex and the rest of the cast to finish theirs. The next five hours I spent on the phone to Saritha. I can tell her anything – jokes, my thoughts, my doubts…

Sachin Warrier

Playback singer and techie

I’m fortunate to have made friends at all stages of my life, any of whom I can call up whenever I want, no questions asked. My best friend from school is Anand; we’ve known each other since we were kids, we grew up together and we’ve been in a lot of scrapes together! If I get nostalgic about our good old days I call him up. During my college days at FISAT, Angamaly, there were a bunch of us who were drawn together by music. Niyaz, who now lives in Dubai, is a huge A.R. Rahman fan like me. If some piece of music catches my fancy I share it with him and vice versa. He’s also one of my best critics. Then there are my other college buddies Praveen, Rinaz, Manu and the like with whom I hangout regularly.

Anna Katrina

Playback singer

My really good friends would be Gloria, Rohini and my sister, Kochu Mary. I met Rohini through a common friend, while in college. We soon became fast friends and I was her bridesmaid. Although we lost touch after college, she took the trouble to track me and ask me to be her bridesmaid when she got married. Although we both live in Kochi, we don’t feel the need to be in touch everyday. When we do hook up, we catch up on the latest in each other’s lives. Gloria and I met when I was working at Le Meridien. She got me my first tattoo. She is like an elder sister; I can always go to her for advice. Although I am sort of the black sheep of the family, to Mary, I am always the cool sister. Our bond, is a bond for a lifetime.


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