Mercy Morland from Tanzania is now comfortably settled in the city

Mercy Morland has been living in Bangalore for three years now and has gotten used to a new way of life, which she has come to enjoy. She moved from Tanzania to study in Bangalore. Although this won't be home forever, Mercy says: “This city has given me so much to take home, memories of wonderful people, places, education and experiences.”

When Mercy moved to India, she ended up choosing Bangalore over Mumbai because “the weather is pleasant, the city is less crowded and there are so many foreigners here that it is easy for any expat to adjust to a new environment.”

She says: “What appeals to me most about Bangalore is the food. Be it dosa, pani puri, gobi Manchurian or even pongal, I like trying out new dishes and I relish every Indian meal!”

This young expat has made so many friends and she loves hanging out and shopping with them. “It might sound weird to many youngsters who grab every opportunity to bunk classes but I absolutely enjoy every single day of college life!” quips Mercy.

Apart from being a part of the fun and frolic that takes place during most Indian festivals, Mercy feels: “It's really nice that every community respects the other and that India celebrates so many colourful festivals like Holi. What goes without a saying is that we keep getting so many holidays.”

However, like most other expats, Mercy says: “The boring nightlife does not suit Bangalore's image of a fast growing metropolitan city.”

Mercy also thinks: “Bangalore is an expensive city. Be it on auto fares or on groceries, there are many expenses students who move to Bangalore have to incur.” She wishes more attention would be paid to repairing roads, reducing pollution and she hopes the Metro project will be completed soon.