Don’t let the limit of five SMSes per day stress you out. Here are five ways to beat the cap

1 The Internet Based Texting Application: Ask any teen what Whatsapp is or any executive what Blackberry Messenger is. The kids will do it for you and instal it on your phone, provided you have enabled Internet on your phone. If you don’t have Internet on your mobile, maybe this is a good time to get wired and discover a whole new world. Make sure your phone has one of these applications that lets you message your friends. If you are an Android user, just use GTalk on the phone to talk since most of your friends anyway use Gmail.

2 Missed Call: Remember the good old days when you were always running out of balance? Or those days when phone calls used to cost 16 rupees a minute? Back in the day when you would just send missed calls and wait for friends to call back. It remains the cheapest mode of communication if you know how to use it. Instead of telling a friend, ‘Text me when you reach’, just say ‘Give me a missed call when you reach.’ Of course, this can't be used for every situation but you will be surprised how often you will able to use missed calls. Anytime you miss someone, just give them a missed call.

3 The Social Networks: The government says you can't talk one-on-one more than five times a day, talk one-to-many... Use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ to post updates, post on each other's walls or if it's really private, send a direct message.

4 Email: Yes, when was the last time you actually typed out well-thought out emails in full sentences to all your friends w/o typng lyk dis? Maybe times like these are excuses to catch up with friends all over again and really express in the long form. Else, like letter writing, emails are going to die out soon too. Of course, if it’s not really urgent, maybe you could stop by at the post office and surprise friends with a postcard the very next day.

5 Call them: Yes, you have an excuse to call now. Everyone knows about the SMS cap. It's always quicker to call and say what you want rather than take the time out to type it. Yet, for some strange reason, many of us still like to sit and punch out the keys on the phone with a vengeance. It’s more personal too.


Sudhish KamathMay 11, 2012