It’s all it could take to offer help…

After a whole day of hanging out with friends, I was rushing to get back home. My friend and I were crossing the subway to Central station when a guy, probably from up North, stopped me to ask, “Hindi malum?” I guessed he wanted to ask for directions. But I was rushing; so “Nahi!” came my instant reply.

My friend pulled me towards the station and, half way across, I realised I had not only lied to him but also let him know it. I felt bad at what I had just said. I thought of the guy, and was trying to guess what he would have asked. I kept pondering to myself and thought I could have just spared a minute to hear what he had to ask. 

If I acted this way, how can I expect help from others when I get stuck in similar situations? It’s a habit of always giving an excuse or not being ready to help others though we can. We must at least have the courtesy to try and help people. That day I told myself I would never be insensitive and irresponsible again. Then we went running and boarded the train that seemed to be waiting for us.

ASHIQUE RAHMAN N., 22, engineering graduate from BSA Crescent Engineering College

Keywords: human interest