Frangipani conducted a personal grooming and etiquette class at Vivanta by Taj Surya. Model, lifestyle consultant and business woman, Kamal Mohandas offered the gathering tips on etiquette. She spoke of appropriate dressing, body language and other social skills. She said “You should walk in to a party with your head held high and look straight into the eyes of the people. That should turn heads”

How to be a good host

Invest in good crockery

Your guest list should be made up of like minded people, and, preferably, of the same age group

Send a note to your guests, asking them whether they have any food allergy

Include coffee and tea for dessert. This will be a kind gesture to many who do not take desserts

Send a “Thank you note” to all your guests after the party, if possible with a small gift

Play good music

How to be a good guest

Be on time. Neither early nor late

Carry a gift

Offer to help the host in clearing the table after dinner


These sessions will make our children more grounded as they do not learn these things in colleges. They must know what is considered respectable in the society. And then they can defy or conform to them

-Archana Dange,

Head of Operations, Helen’O Grady,

Tamil Nadu

It was a nice session. These values should be taught to children at home.

-Sujani Balu,

Ex-president, Crafts Council of India