Why overlook animals because of the colour of their fur? The founder of Cattitude Trust tells us that black is beautiful too

Fush fush came to us as a tiny kitten, with a chest congestion that was so bad I never thought she’d make it. ‘Fush fush’ was the sound you heard every time she took a breath. Today, she is a glossy, matronly, cuddly kitty who stays in my son's room and scolds him with a series of loving, motherly miaows when he comes home after a late night! Fush fush is my favourite colour: jet black.

Manee is also black, but there ends the similarity. He is almost adolescent in his behaviour and, oh yes, he has three legs. His hind leg had to be amputated when he was a tiny kitten, thanks to a cruel prank, and he has been our baby ever since. But don't go feeling sorry for him — he has mastered the art of being a three legged kitty and does things with great aplomb (runs sideways like a crab with a speed that is impressive, and plain funny and adorable to watch).

Ditto is our black panther kitty: lean, lanky and aloof. He visits every night to eat, slipping in through the cat flap, and padding to the food dishes. He is treated with a wary respect by even the bossiest of our cats, but when he falls ill, he stays home, seeking our presence through his illness. And then one day, he slips away and we know all is well.

As for the one black dog we had the honour of knowing and loving, Blackie was already an old lady when we moved into our building. She was the benevolent, roly poly guardian who greeted regular visitors, and on the nights the watchman took leave she would stay up all night barking at intruders (both real and imagined) until we would go downstairs and beg her to sleep. Then she would curl up tiredly, with a deep sigh as if to say “If you insist, but don't blame me if things go wrong while I nap”.

I always stop dead in my tracks when people say they don't want to adopt a black cat or dog. Ours are just so special, and each one brought us a dose of amazing good luck. Let's face it, black animals just exude a magical quality, and their beauty enslaves so many true animal lovers. Experience your very own dose of magic by adopting a black kitten or pup this week. And welcome to the club!


Puducherry MetroPlusJanuary 31, 2014