Firefox ties up with Warner Brothers to launch a new range of bikes for kids

For many years now, films have been promoted with merchandise. Caps, T-shirts and even jackets have hit the market with the names of films and pictures of heroes printed on them. Occasionally, books have been released on the making of a film along with interviews of the star cast for the die-hard. Now, for the first time, tables have been turned and items have been launched without any association with films. Warner Bros., giants in Hollywood films, have just had a tie-up with Firefox, known for promoting high-end bikes in India. They have together launched Firefox Kid bikes aiming to fuel a child’s dream to be a Superman or a Batman.

Speaking on the occasion, S. Nagarajan from Warner Bros. said,” We were looking at somebody who shares the same passion as we do and we chose Firefox. Firefox is a great partner passionate about outdoor life and sports and this launch will help in keeping Indian kids active and healthy. Every kid has got an imagination that he wants to be a superhero by wearing Superman costumes. He believes that he can solve everyone's problem. We want to encourage them, enrich their experience and to improve their imagination.”

Shiv Inder Singh, M.D., Firefox, said, “It is a premium product and it is the need of today’s kids. Standard bikes are being replaced by premium bikes. Kids want to ride on a trendy bike. Since they relates to Warner Bros. characters in a big way, the Super heroes and the cartoon characters will be an inspiration for them to opt for biking instead of going for indoor games. This, in turn, will be beneficial for their health and fitness.”

It seems to be a win-win situation for both. For Warner Bros., they get to have a product in the market they can not manufacture on their own, on the other hand, Firefox gets to step into the popular segment away from the niche market it has so far created. Probably for the first time for Firefox, the bikes are not for high-end users only. Called Superman, Batman, Tom & Jerry and Tweety, these bikes are priced in the range of Rs.6,140 to 7,520 making it possible for a middle-class person to fulfil the “dreams” of his/her child. The bikes are available at all the 150 Firefox outlets across the country in various colours comes in three sizes of 14”,16” and 20”.