Abandoned at birth and attacked by dogs, his rescue made headlines

Fate and a woman's incredible kindness have played a big part in M. Srinivasa turning three. Abandoned at birth, he was mauled by dogs, and ants were eating away his eyes and nose when he was scooped up by a Bangalore University (BU) employee. On Friday, little Srinivasa will cut his birthday cake at BU's Central College campus (BU) in the presence of Vice-Chancellor N. Prabhu Dev, among others.

University mascot

It wouldn't be wrong to call him the university's child rather than destiny's. So much so his unofficial initials are J.B. — Jnana Bharathi. It was in August 2009 that he was rescued by BU employee Mala from what would have been a horrifying end by a drain near the university campus.

Ms. Mala, a Group D employee, took it upon herself to tend to the child, as did the university and the Vice-Chancellor.

Over time, the baby, during his longish stay at a hospital, got a new set of eyes and a restructured nose through plastic surgery. Those moved by the story helped with funds, recalls Ms. Mala.

Set for school

Today, the toddler is all set to be admitted into a pre-nursery school and his records say Ms. Mala's daughter Bhavya and her husband Mahesh are his parents.

However, Srinivasa lives in his adoptive grandmother's house in Basaveshwarnagar and the initial ‘M' before his name is in her honour.

“I wanted to adopt Srinivasa but they wouldn't allow me to as I already have two sons. When the papers published ads about the orphaned boy, several people came to see him in hospital. But after seeing his condition, all backed out,” explains the 48-year-old Mala.

Eventually, her daughter was allowed to adopt him.

“He loves eating cake,” she smiles. Ask her what her plans for Srinivasa are, and she says: “I just want him to study well. He can be whatever he wants to be.”